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5 Reasons to (Please!) Select Jess at Nohealani Wellness/Design Co LLC as THE Amber Grant Recipient for the $10,000 July 2020 and $25,000 Year of 2020!!

1. She has been motivated to help others since she was 3 years old.

Jess is motivated by restoring people’s faith in humanity.
Jess is motivated to raise the vibration of the Earth.
Jess has been motivated by helping others ever since she was a little girl.

"Since I was young, I have been very empathetic and loving.  I always knew I wanted to help people and wasn't sure how that would manifest.  Now, there is absolutely no doubt about how or why, but just that I must do."

2. She is a part of helping restore people's faith in humanity, and also restoring their faith in their body's ability to heal itself when properly taken care of.

"My practice has evolved with a wide array of training in various massage, bodywork, and healing modalities.  With the current landscape of our world's public health situation, massage has been out of the question, so I am starting to embrace other gifts and skills and working to utilize them.  Healing, massage, and my design work are slower income as compared to what I was making with full-time massage, so it has been very difficult to stay afloat since I have been closed for massage since March.  Massage is still a great passion of mine though, and I hope to be able to go back soon.  I have changed so many people's lives not only through a very specialized therapeutic massage, but also in teaching them that a big part of the process is loving and caring for their bodies."

3. She is, and wants to continue, paying it forward.

"The world is in great crisis right now as we navigate life throughout this pandemic.  I sure could go look for another job, but all my training in helping others makes me an overlooked part of the healthcare system that is so needed right now.  Many are reaching out for meditation to cope with their fear, anxiety, and uncertainty surrounding our current public health landscape, and also for my gemstone jewelry that helps give people hope and reminders to live a life of wellness with ease & grace.

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It is my dream as an entrepreneur to one day give back to causes that benefit my community, whether it be in conservation, ending child & human sex trafficking (a huge problem in our islands), and more.

4. She truly cares.

We have all had practitioners that make you feel like simply a number.  In and out the office you go, cookie cutter mentality.  Jess truly cares and individualizes every session to her clients' needs.

"The impact in my community has been significant.  Many have said my work is priceless, and almost every client has had results they have not been able to achieve anywhere else, though they have searched for years. That is a great indicator that I was born to do this work."

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5. Receiving the July 2020 $10,000 award and the $25,000 Year of 2020 award would completely change her life, her family's lives, and her client's lives as well.

"I believe I deserve this award, and I am so grateful to even take place in applying.  The impact these awards will have on myself, my family and my clients, cannot even be put into words.  It will allow me to focus and truly build to be able to help so many lives for the remainder of my life.  It will allow me to fulfill my passion and my callings in life while also inspiring and being fully present for my daughter.  Letting her know she is beyond capable of achieving any goal she sets her mind to.


Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo.