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5 Reasons You Should Select Jess at Nohealani Wellness Co LLC as THE Amber Grant Recipient for March 2020 and the Year 2020!!

1. She has been motivated to help others since she was 3 years old.

I am motivated by restoring people’s faith in humanity.
I am motivated to raise the vibration of the Earth
I have been motivated by helping others ever since I was a little girl.

Since I was young, I have been very empathetic and loving.  I always knew I wanted to help people and wasn't sure how that would manifest.  I went through traditional school and 

**A note about the photo above: My entire family would ask all the kids to step on their backs or massage them whenever they were sore from working hard.  Most kids ran away, but I could feel the pain in the body and trace it out (think accupressure, meridians, and even trigger points/myofascial release!)

My grandparents (pictured above) played a huge role in raising me, and as they aged, I got to return the favor of taking care of them.  My Papa got diagnosed with colon cancer in 2006, and I was 16 years of age.  Even though I worked in high school to try to make some money to help my family and also save for college, I would make it a point to come over and massage him (and my grandma), until he was skin and bones and up until his passing.  It is a gift and a blessing to be able to serve and aid the wellness of my family as well as my community. 

2. She is a part of helping restore people's faith in humanity.

My practice has evolved with a wide array of training in various massage, bodywork, and healing modalities.  With the current landscape of our world's public health situation, massage is obviously out of the question, so I am starting to embrace other gifts 

3. She is paying it forward.

The world is in great crisis right now as we navigate life throughout this pandemic.  I sure could go look for another job, but all my training in helping others makes me an overlooked part of the healthcare system that is so needed right now.  Many are reaching out for spiritual healings to cope with their fear, anxiety, and uncertainty surrounding our current public health outbreak, and