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"Jess helped me when I encountered a shoulder injury one week out from a huge powerlifting competition. The competition was in Las Vegas, and we had made all our arrangements to fly out.  I was worried that I would not be able to compete. However, Jess made time for me in her busy schedule to take me in and help me. She is a very talented massage therapist and not only successfully treated my injury, but also took the time to educate me in preventing future injuries and living a better lifestyle. "

~ Britney, Waialua, HI

"Jess is the real deal! You have to experience her magic with a session to understand her gifts. Sheʻs a kind, caring, and loving person whoʻll put you at ease and lead you to a taste of heaven. I have gone to many therapists and Jess is simply the best. Treat yourself and trust that you wonʻt be disappointed. I whole-heartedly put my name as a happy, happy client that loves her."

 ~ Gail, Honolulu, HI

"Very nice massage - better than some I've had in fancy resorts!  Jess is kind, compassionate, and a great communicator."

~ Erin, Kaneohe, HI

“I first came in with a sore shoulder and lower back pain, which can be recurring aches for me. I live an active lifestyle as a tradesman with many physically-demanding hobbies such as jiu jitsu, weight lifting, and surfing. Jess' massages are always tailored to address my current body aches, and she helps get me fully functional and back to work and my hobbies. VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE, HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!”

~ John, Central Oahu


"Jess, thank you for giving the gift of healing."

~ Jane


"THE POWER OF HEALING...I believe this is so true. It’s been about seven weeks since walking into Nohealani Wellness Co. I was broken-hearted, lost, angry, disappointed, sad and everything under the sun.  These healing sessions allowed me to break out of my shell and all those negative layers that I was feeling is slowly peeling away.  Jessica is an amazing healer, very knowledgeable and touches every part of your healing with patience. I’ve never felt this amazing.  You need to Believe and Receive when you go into a healing sessions.  Everyone needs a healing. "

~ Greathia, Mililani, HI


"I’m a self-proclaimed “move”aholic.  I love to get some sort of movement in around five to six days a week, whether it be through surfing, yoga, strength training and running.  Moving physically helps me spiritually as it clears my mind and makes me more centered.  However, in November, I started to feel a nagging ache on the left side of my body.  Ignoring the warning signs, I continued my practice of movement, but pushed it too hard and earned an almost debilitating injury due to my stubbornness.  The whole left side of my left body felt strained.  This pain eventually creeped to my lower left back and also my left knee.  Frustrated and in pain, I reached out to Jessica Pojas from Nohealani Wellness and I am so grateful that I did.  When I first arrived at my appointment, Jessica did a pre-assessment to identify what might be amiss and then she got to work.  Don’t let Jessica’s petite size fool you; she is mega strong!  It’s an amazing experience because Jessica is both powerful and gentle at the same time.  Aside from working out the kinks and pains with her hands, I loved the way she was able to stretch and lengthen my body.  Aside from her adept hands, Jessica has an array of modalities to aid her in the healing process, such as a massage gun and manipulation tools.  While they might look alarming at first, the skill and preciseness that Jessica uses these tools with helped to get deeper into the grooves and niches of my muscles (that I did not even know existed!) and body.  To top it off, she also used the cupping technique which truly helped to lessen the inflammation and increase my blood flow.  At the end of the session, I felt blissfully exhausted.  I was so relaxed as the tension flowed off of me in waves!  As the days progressed and the healing continued to settle in, I felt like a new person; the pain from my injuries started to alleviate and eventually dissipated.  It is over two months later and I am still pain free!  I can’t wait to see Jessica again for some maintenance work.  The whole experience at Nohealani Wellness, from the calming ambience to Jessica’s immense skill and knowledge of massage and healing, is beautiful and invaluable.  Thank you, Jessica Pojas!  I appreciate you so much!"

~ Marcie, Aiea, HI